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Our Mission–   InterCase’s mission is to enable providers to decrease the cost of care through improved care coordination.  We believe it is critical to improve care quality and patient engagement as  well, but reduction in the cost of care (against trend) is our main objective

Our Services– InterCase enables care delivery systems to improve coordination of care for high-risk patients and decrease utilization for the highest utilizers.  We enable care coordination by deploying services (and supporting tool sets) that establish a plan of care for a patient and enable effective management against the plan.  To be most effective, a plan of care must be viewable (any usually editable) by all providers who assist in management of the plan of care, irrespective of the location (or organization) of the provider.  We have a particular interest in Medicaid patients.  Medicaid costs are growing rapidly, and the opportunity to improve cost performance is large.  The complexity of some Medicaid patients, the Health Home incentives under Section 2703 of the ACA and the broad array of providers handling any single Medicaid patient make this population particularly worthy of attention.

Our Business Approach – Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are on the rise.  InterCase has developed a care management model that enables care delivery systems to accept risk for patients and decrease cost while maintaining or improving quality.  Many delivery systems and technology vendors assume that providers (physicians in particular) must be in a single organization to accept risk and manage a patient population.  InterCase works with multiple separate provider organizations to coordinate management of a patient population against an integrated plan of care for each patient.  Alignment of incentives is required but common organization ownership is not.  InterCase personnel assist in risk stratification to identify the candidate population for focused management, and assist in identification of interventions and actions appropriate for each candidate.  InterCase can implement coordination tools that manage the task queues for any physician, case manager, mid-level practitioner or even the patient or the patient’s family members.

The Key Role of the Patient– Much of the value accrued to the health system is due to improved management of the patient role.  Many patients are bewildered by their obligations in the plan of care and need assistance.  InterCase helps with identification of the responsibilities of the patient and the patient’s family.  InterCase also integrates the patient/family tasks with the plan of care managed by the provider organizations.  Just as care providers share a common plan of care, the patient and family are seeing the same plan of care that is viewed by providers.  Integrated plans of care are the key to reduction in the cost of care.

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