Population Stratification – We work with provider stakeholders to stratify the target population to identify candidates for improved care coordination.  For each target sub-population we will:

  • Identify the algorithms and/or tools needed to specify which members are in a sub-population,
  • Identify the care management objectives for each sub-population, and
  • Identify the providers and other stakeholders who are likely participants in the accountable care coordination effort.

… And we continue to work with the provider organization(s) to operationalize the patient stratification and program-entry processes.

Care Coordination Process Definition– We identify and implement the interventions and identify the actors (i.e., which staff perform which interventions) that are appropriate to manage a stratified target populations.  We will:

  • Identify technology tools that may be required for implementation,
  • Identify the process controls (workflow queues, alerts, etc) that will manage the interventions, and
  • Manage definition of provider responsibilities and deployment of plans of care for the targets patients.

… And we will continue to monitor success of the care management model to meet cost management objectives while maintaining quality and patient satisfaction objectives as well.

Technical and Clinical Program Management– We define the clinical and technical components of the overall implementation program.  InterCase personnel have defined multiple complex clinical/technical programs and are experienced in large program leadership.  We work with stakeholders to implement the infrastructure and care processes necessary to deliver a multi-stakeholder clinical change program.  We will:

  • Identify technical infrastructure necessary to support the care process objectives, and work with technology organizations to organize implementation,
  • Develop a consensus program plan to deploy technology, design care management teams/objectives and implement process controls, and
  • Lead the program to deliver on clinical and operational objectives.

… And we work with the provider and technology stakeholders to implement continual process improvement on the care management processes.

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